What Is a Child Social Worker and Types of Child Welfare Services

Earn your Master of Social Work 100% online and explore the opportunity of working with children and families with a degree from NMSU Global Campus.

At New Mexico State University (NMSU) Global Campus, our Master of Social Work (MSW) program provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this rewarding profession.

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What Does a Child and Family Social Worker Do?

Become a Child and Family Social Worker

Becoming a child and family social worker requires dedication, compassion, and a solid academic foundation in social work. Get information on our MSW program here if you’re considering pursuing it at NMSU Global Campus. The program offers affordable tuition, and scholarship opportunities may be available to help you fund your education.

Steps to Becoming a Child and Family Social Worker

Child and Family Social Work Job Outlook and Earnings

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for child and family social workers is promising, with a projected 16% growth rate between 2019 and 2029. By 2022, the median annual wage for child, family, and school social workers was $55,350 per year at a $26.61 per hour rate.

Do You Need an MSW to Work With Children and Families?

While a BSW can get you started in the field, an MSW significantly broadens your career opportunities and earning potential. It prepares you for advanced practice roles and is often required for licensure. Additionally, an MSW provides a deeper understanding of social work principles and research, allowing you to serve your clients better.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Child and Family Social Worker?

Becoming a child and family social worker typically takes about four to six years for a BSW and two years for an MSW. However, this timeline can vary based on factors such as part-time vs. full-time study, program requirements, and state licensure processes.

Is Child and Family Social Work a Good Career?

Yes, child and family social work is a rewarding career for those passionate about helping others. It offers the opportunity to make a profound difference in people’s lives and contribute positively to society.

What Skills Make a Good Child and Family Social Worker?

Effective child and family social workers possess excellent communication skills, emotional intelligence, problem-solving abilities, empathy, and cultural competency. They are also resilient and adaptable, capable of navigating complex situations and systems.

Earn Your Master’s in Social Work 100% Online at NMSU Global Campus

At NMSU Global Campus, our MSW program is designed to equip students with these critical skills. With a focus on real-world application, our online program provides a flexible, high-quality education that prepares graduates for successful careers in child and family social work.

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