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Microlearning Courses

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is precision education. Rather than taking multiple courses or enrolling in a full degree or certificate program, you can focus in on the exact skill(s) you want to build with microlearning.

 Featured Courses

Project Management

This course will provide learners with a fundamental understanding of project management. Prepare for your certification and learn how to drive successful project outcomes with this 6-week online project management microlearning course. Get 35 Contact Hours for PMP Certification.

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Spatial Computing Masterclass

Discover VR’s transformative potential as a medium for storytelling. Learn how to create experiences that immerse, impact, engage, and inspire your audience. No matter your level of experience in storytelling or VR, you’re all set to join in—no special equipment needed!

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Designing the Future: Instructional Design in the Metaverse

This course will examine the practical application of VR in instructional design, allowing participants to craft immersive e-learning environments and develop a professional portfolio. This course is about harnessing the potential of VR to revolutionize how we teach and learn.

Easy Statement of Purpose (SOP): Write your Way to University

Learn how to craft a compelling Statement of Purpose that will capture the attention of university admissions committees. This course is designed for students at any level of experience, providing the skills needed to write an impactful SOP without any prior knowledge required.

Innovation and Product Development

Imagine turning your product idea into a thriving business with the same methodology used by Fortune 500 companies and top universities. Our course leverages the Lean LaunchPad approach to help you develop and validate your ideas scientifically. Whether you aim to be an entrepreneur or enhance your role at work, this hands-on course provides practical skills to transform your career.

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Start Your Own Business as a Virtual Assistant

Gain insights into how to become a Virtual Assistant. Understand pricing strategies, client interactions, key administrative tasks, and the importance of social media marketing. A virtual assistant is a high-demand job with little to no risk, and minimal start-up costs.

Bite-Sized Knowledge, Big Results

At New Mexico State University Global Campus, we offer 100% online, skill-based microlearning courses designed to build your professional toolkit, refresh your resume, and upgrade your career.

We provide relevant courses and training experiences in a flexible, affordable format, so you can learn what you want at your own pace. Our courses are built with the expertise of top-tier instructional designers and faculty, who are leaders in their industries and provide unique online learning experiences.

Enrollment in a degree or certificate program at NMSU or NMSU Global Campus is not required to enroll in our microlearning courses.

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