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New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship

Get Up to 100% of Tuition Covered Toward Earning a Bachelor’s Degree

Earning a degree from NMSU Global Campus is now more affordable than ever with the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship! This scholarship opportunity, exclusively for New Mexico residents returning to college, covers up to 100% of tuition toward a bachelor’s degree (eligibility requirements apply).

Established by the state in 2020, the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship is designed to reduce debt and make a college education more accessible for New Mexican students and families.

By earning a college degree through this opportunity, graduates can secure higher-paying jobs, better support their families, start businesses, or continue their education without the heavy burden of college debt.

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Scholarship Information

To qualify for the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship:

  • You must be a New Mexico resident or a member of an American Indian Nation, Tribe, or Pueblo that is wholly or partially in New Mexico.
  • You need to attend a public university or college.
  • You should have finished high school or a GED program more than 16 months ago.
  • You cannot have earned your first bachelor’s degree and cannot have more than 160 college credits.
  • You must plan to enroll in 6 to 18 credit hours each fall and spring semester.

If you are a New Mexico resident who recently graduated from high school or a GED program, the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship could cover up to 100% of your bachelor’s degree tuition.

  1. Submit your application for a bachelor’s degree program with NMSU Global Campus.
  2. Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at https://fa.nmsu.edu/fafsa/. (Completing your FAFSA is optional, but encouraged to access aid that can cover costs beyond tuition and fees.)
  3. Once you are admitted, meet with your NMSU academic advisor and enroll in courses.
Contact the NMSU Financial Aid Office at (888) 729-6678 or onlineFA@nmsu.edu to determine your eligibility for the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship. Visit the New Mexico Higher Education Department for more information about the scholarship, including frequently asked questions.