Advance from an Associate’s Degree to a Bachelor’s of Applied Studies

The higher education landscape is swiftly evolving, witnessing a notable surge in adult learners (aged 25+) pursuing bachelor’s degrees. If you’re among them, consider the Bachelor of Applied Studies program at New Mexico State University Global Campus (NMSU Global Campus).

Flexibility is paramount in today’s educational environment, particularly for adult learners. Online colleges are taking center stage, offering adaptable and convenient learning options for students from diverse backgrounds and interests.

The Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) offered by NMSU Global Campus stands out for those aspiring to career advancement. Its popularity is increasing among undergraduates, career changers, and individuals who aim to complete their degrees after taking time away from college.

What is a Bachelor of Applied Studies Degree?

A Bachelor of Applied Studies Degree (BAS) from NMSU Global Campus is an undergraduate program tailored for individuals with an associate degree, particularly those with an applied science or a technical background, who want to advance their education.

Are you someone with an Associate of Arts and looking to earn a Bachelor’s degree? A BAS may not be the right fit, but NMSU Global Campus also offers a customizable degree with our Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS).

If you have a more technical background, an applied studies degree may offer you a chance to further your education. The program provides a flexible, customizable curriculum based on a student’s prior coursework and career aspirations. Each school may vary in its focus, with some emphasizing foundational coursework across various disciplines and others concentrating on a specific career-oriented field.

The main advantage of earning a BAS degree is the potential for higher earnings that expand your career choices. Using your associate degree as a guide, you can explore advancement in the same or similar field. It’s essential to consider whether a BAS program aligns with your educational background and career goals to determine if it’s the right step for your future.

Grow Your Career: Maximize the Potential of Your Associate Degree

Are There Different Concentrations for BAS?

At NMSU Global Campus, we aim to help students minimize credit loss from previous college studies or associate degree programs. The BAS offers an option for current and prospective students who wish to complete their upper-division coursework online, with the opportunity to transfer credits from other institutions. This flexible degree provides a customized roadmap developed with help from an advisor to pursue specific professional goals.

The BAS program provides students with the ability to define concentrations in different career pathways such as:

  • Business Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Engineering Technician
  • Financial Planner
  • Health Services Manager
  • Systems Administrator

Students can explore a range of concentrations while earning credits toward their career goals, including business administration, communication, information technology, and healthcare management.

The BAS program might suit your interests in management, technology, healthcare, or other fields. It can also be a next step in your journey toward a master’s degree. A BAS will help provide you with a better educational foundation to elevate your skills. In turn, you can reach for that promotion you’ve been after, or even explore companies seeking your specific capabilities. A bachelor’s degree opens so many doors for your future.

Why is a BAS Beneficial to Associate Degree Holders and Transfer Students?

Considering pursuing a bachelor’s degree? Do you already have college credits but are unsure how well they’ll transfer into a program? With a BAS degree from NMSU Global Campus, you can transfer up to 90 credits and, thanks to its customizable nature, create your path to a bachelor’s degree that works for you.

Understanding the costs and types of courses involved in a Bachelor of Applied Studies is also essential. Of course, that all depends on the kind of school you select and how many transfer credits can be applied toward your bachelor’s degree.

NMSU Global Campus offers affordable tuition rates and scholarships that can cover up to 100% of tuition for students’ bachelor’s programs. Explore more about our bachelor’s degree scholarship here.

In general, the BAS program through NMSU Global Campus equips graduates with versatile skill sets, preparing them for success in the next steps in their career path.

Is a BAS Degree Recognized?

As with any bachelor’s degree program from NMSU Global Campus, a BAS is accredited and recognized as a full bachelor’s degree. You work to create your own Program of Study and can even pursue a master’s degree upon graduation.

The BAS program from NMSU Global Campus offers many flexible options that cater to your desired area of concentration, whether healthcare management, public health, data analytics, information technology, or a combination of the different fields of study.

Speaking with an Admissions Advisor can help you better understand this program and your options for completing your bachelor’s degree online. 

Is a BAS a Bachelor’s Degree?

Yes, a Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) is a bachelor’s degree. 

It targets students who differ from traditional degree seekers, such as full-time workers, distance learners, veterans, active duty military personnel and their families, transfer students, and those returning to college after a break. The BAS program offers flexibility and support to meet the unique needs of these groups.

What Can You Do With a BAS?

A Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree can open various job opportunities. For instance, you might work as a management analyst, helping businesses improve their strategies and operations, or as a chemical technician, testing materials in a laboratory or manufacturing facility.

A BAS degree could lead to administrative, management, or consulting roles if you are interested in healthcare. In the tech industry, a BAS can prepare you for systems analysis, network administration, or database management careers.

Enhancing your knowledge of the criminal justice system can prepare you for a career in law enforcement, such as crime scene investigation.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, BAS graduates can expect competitive average salaries in various roles:

  • Business Manager: $70,000
  • Engineering Technician: $57,000
  • Health Services Manager: $101,340
  • Medical Technologist: $54,000
  • Systems Administrator: $83,000

Eager to invest in your future? NMSU Global Campus can help you develop your career with a BAS degree.

Earning Your BAS from NMSU Global Campus

Traditional degrees aren’t your only option. NMSU Global Campus understands that life is busy, schedules are demanding, and the drive to succeed burns strong in everyone, regardless of circumstance. We’re built for working professionals, learners on the go, and individuals seeking a fresh start, offering the flexibility and convenience of online learning you need to excel and achieve your goals.

NMSU Global Campus BAS Degree Option

Looking for a degree program that fits your life, not vice versa? The BAS program from NMSU Global Campus is designed for busy learners like you.

Here’s why we stand out:

  • Individualized Programs: Build your degree your way. Our program lets you choose courses that align with your unique career goals. Graduate with a skill set perfectly tailored to your chosen path.
  • 100% Online: Learn on your terms from anywhere. We understand you have a life outside of school. Our flexible online format allows you to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever it works for you.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: We know our students have important financial commitments outside of school. That’s why we offer scholarships to help ease the financial burden and make a BAS degree more accessible.
  • Experienced Faculty: Our dedicated faculty brings real-world expertise to the virtual classroom. You’ll benefit from theoretical knowledge and practical insights directly relevant to your future career.

More Than Just a Degree 

Is a BAS degree worth it? A BAS degree can help ensure you progress toward your desired career outcome. If you are looking for educational flexibility, a BAS degree can be a great option to earn a bachelor’s that gives you access to a broad range of subjects while honing in on desired skills that carry over to your career choice.

Whether you’re a transfer student seeking a smooth transition, a working professional aiming to balance work and studies, someone with an associate degree eager to advance your career, or an individual looking to return to college to finish your degree, the NMSU Global Campus BAS program can help you reach your goals.

Continue your journey with a BAS degree today.

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