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Imagine earning a degree from a top public university without leaving your home. That’s the power of NMSU Global Campus.

At New Mexico State University Global Campus, we understand that many students lead busy lives and require the flexibility to earn their degrees at their own pace. That’s why our 100% online university and courses are designed to be convenient and adaptable. You can learn from anywhere, anytime, and still receive the support required to succeed as you earn your degree.

NMSU: A Leading Global Online University

What Majors Does NMSU Offer Online?

Engineering and Agricultural Degrees

NMSU leads the way among minority-serving institutions in the U.S. in federal commitments to science and engineering activities. This extends to our online Engineering and Agricultural degree programs, including our Master of Engineering degrees and our MA in Agricultural and Extension Education, which are renowned New Mexico online degree programs for students.

Careers with an MSW

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New Mexico State University prepares graduates for diverse careers. Among our extensive portfolio is our online Master of Social Work (MSW) program, which leads to fulfilling careers in social work, including leadership positions. This reflects the positive career prospects associated with our university.

With a Master of Social Work (MSW), graduates can perform roles in various sectors, such as healthcare, child welfare, education, and mental health services. Students can complete our program in as few as 18 months and gain the necessary skills to impact individuals and communities positively.

New Mexico State Global Campus offers a wide range of online degree programs, focusing on providing students with high-quality education from around the globe. Study online to search your bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree programs or obtain certifications in various fields of study. To learn more about our full list of degree programs browse our website. 

Affordable Tuition and Scholarship Opportunities

Known for its commitment to accessible education, NMSU Global Campus offers affordable tuition and various scholarship opportunities. Through these initiatives, we strive to provide opportunities for all students to pursue their academic and career goals without financial barriers.

Renowned Faculty

NMSU is renowned for its faculty experts who are deeply committed to ensuring student success. Their expertise and unwavering dedication underpin the high-quality education that defines us. This excellence extends to NMSU Global Campus, where students receive the same support and instruction from our distinguished faculty.

New Mexico State University’s LEADS 2025 initiative, focused on elevating the university’s performance, exemplifies what NMSU stands for — enhancing academic programs, improving campus life, and fostering community engagement.

Whether you’re an undergraduate student, a career changer, or someone looking to advance your career, NMSU Global Campus has something for you. Discover the excellence that defines us — exceptional teaching, groundbreaking research, and a commitment to public service.

About New Mexico State University Global Campus

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At NMSU Global Campus, our mission is to help prepare the next generation of leaders. We focus on offering high-quality education that spans a multitude of disciplines and career pathways. Whether you’re seeking a degree or certification in teaching, science, engineering, healthcare, business, or others, we provide exciting opportunities that can help shape your future. 

NMSU Global Campus is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), with specialized accreditation offered for some programs. We offer flexible, career-focused 100% online courses and degree options in New Mexico, across the nation, and around the globe. Start your journey with our accessible and affordable degree options.