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Cost of NMSU Global Campus Programs and Courses

  • The per credit hour cost is a fixed rate.
  • The per credit hour cost will be determined by the program or course level.
  • All students pursuing online Bachelor’s or Graduate degrees or Certificates will be New Mexico State University (NMSU) Global Campus students.
  • The cost per semester will be the applicable fixed rate/credit hour x the number of credits.
  • Course fees still apply and are charged separately.
  • Textbooks, uniforms, equipment, etc. are additional program costs.
  • Additional per credit costs might be charged by the program, department or college. 
  • Institutional fees, such as the application and graduation fees, still apply and are charged separately.
NMSU Global Campus Students Cost per Credit Hour
Undergraduate (Bachelors, All students) $395.40
Graduate (All students) $444.40
Active Duty Military $250.00

For NMSU Global Campus programs and courses, the per credit cost is as stated. Special tuition agreements (Western Undergraduate Exchange, Western Regional Graduate Program, Descubre, etc. ) are 
not applicable to NMSU Global Campus programs.