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Project Management

Learn key aspects of driving successful project outcomes. Develop vital competencies for planning, controlling projects, and understanding interpersonal dynamics. Satisfies the 35-hour training requirement for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

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Spatial Computing

Explore the fundamentals of storytelling in 360 video and VR interaction design. Learn to script different types of interactions, how to define and convey emotions to users, and implement best practices for creating and filming. VR is a powerful storytelling medium for crafting impactful narratives and experiences.

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Designing the Future: Instructional Design in the Metaverse

This course will examine the practical application of VR in instructional design, allowing participants to craft immersive e-learning environments and develop a professional portfolio. This course is about harnessing the potential of VR to revolutionize how we teach and learn.

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TeleHealth Care Coach

Prepare to enter a career in Digital Health and TeleHealth Services, whether or not you have prior healthcare experience. Receive an introduction to Medical Terminology, Plans of Care, and Patient Engagement. Learn the latest methods for remote patient monitoring, chronic disease management, and enrollment in remote services. Created in collaboration with Electronic Caregiver.

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Content Writing for SEO

Demand for digital marketing, communication, and business writing is extremely high. In this course, you’ll learn about SEO techniques, search engines, precise and effective writing skills for modern business, how to conduct keyword research, and how to write content that speaks to search engines and end readers.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is precision education. Rather than taking multiple courses or enrolling in a full degree or certificate program, you can focus in on the exact skill(s) you want to build with microlearning.

Bite-Sized Learning for Professional Growth

At New Mexico State University Global Campus, we offer 100% online, skill-based microlearning courses designed to build your professional toolkit, refresh your resume, and upgrade your career.

We provide relevant courses and training experiences in a flexible, affordable format, so you can learn what you want at your own pace. Our courses are built with the expertise of top-tier instructional designers and faculty, who are leaders in their industries and provide unique online learning experiences.

Enrollment in a degree or certificate program at NMSU or NMSU Global Campus is not required to enroll in our microlearning courses.

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