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Graduate Certificate in Public Utility Regulation and Economics

Explore the Graduate Certificate in Public Utility Regulation and Economics at NMSU Global Campus

This is a professional educational program designed for post-baccalaureate students who are pursing a career in the utility sector with an electric utility company, natural gas utility, water distribution utility, or a government agency that regulates these types of companies.

Who would benefit from earning this NMSU Global Campus graduate certificate? Students with educational backgrounds in accounting, government, finance, business administration, public administration, engineering, law, and economics are usually well suited to pursue a career in this industry. NMSU Global Campus helps you meet your academic and professional goals on a flexible schedule!

Program Highlights and Learning Outcomes

The NMSU Global Campus Public Utility Regulation and Economics (PURE) graduate certificate program offers you advanced technical instruction on utility industry analysis. Our students are well prepared for the rigors of utility regulatory methods, policy, and analytical applications.

For most PURE courses, distance education students attend class at the same time as in-person students via the Internet. 

Interested in advanced study? The PURE certificate courses will transfer into the Master of Arts in Economics program at NMSU Global Campus. PURE satisfies up to 12 credits of the 30 credit Master's minimum requirement.

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